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Story Swap

Penpals for writers

Penpals for writers
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The goal of story_swap is to connect writers through snail mail. Most writers know how hard it is to find a good writing partner. story_swap is (hopefully) a way to make that search a little easier.

How it works:

What kind of writing partner do you want? If you’re looking for good feedback, you’re more than likely going to want a writing partner with the same skill level as yourself, if not better.

Are you a new writer just starting out? Are you thinking about submitting your manuscript to an agent or a publisher and need feedback from someone other than your best friend Bill, and your Aunt Betty?

Think about what kind of person you want as a writing partner, and then introduce yourself.

Part one: basics
How long I’ve been writing:

Part two: what kind of writing partner do I want?
How long it will take me to reply:
Length of pieces I’ll read, and have the time to critique (i.e. No more than ten pages at a time):
The kind of fiction I prefer to read:
The kind of fiction I will not read:
The number of poems I prefer to read at once:
Skill level I wish my writing partner to have (i.e. I’m a new writer, and would prefer my writing partner to be new, too):

a) Actively looking for a writing partner/penpal
b) Has nothing to send at the moment, but willing to provide concrit to a penpal
c) Not looking for a writing partner/penpal at this time

A list of the writers in this community can be found in both memories, and linked at the top of this page. Writers are alphabetically listed based on the genre they write most. Feel free to reference the list and find a writing partner that best suits you.

A note about your status in the community: If you have reached your limit of how many penpals you’d like (or do not have the time for one right now), let me know and I’ll add "Not looking for a writing partner/penpal at this time" to your listing. When you’re available again, I’ll change your status.

Only join this community if you're ready to commit time to a penpal. And only take on as many as you can manage. If you can only find time in your schedule for one, make sure you only exchange information with one. If you can juggle five, that’s great!


A side goal of story_swap is to connect writers face-to-face. If you are interested in holding a writer’s group in your area, please feel free to post about it here. If you wanted to meet with a group of five other writers once a month in a local coffee shop, for example, to discuss writing, provide concrit, or just spend a few hours with fellow writers, story_swap is a place to set those meetings up.

Personally, I know of a group that meets up once a month in the Sacramento area. If anyone is interested, drop me a comment or an email.

The second there is a problem with a writing partner, come to me. Plagiarism and harassment of any kind is not tolerated.



creativefantasy is a community created nearly a year ago for writer's who enjoy the fantasy genre. It is a place for writers and readers of this genre to find beta readers/editors for their writing and/or offer to be a beta reader/editor for someone. We've had contests, and have a "Wednesday Discussion" where one of the members posts questions about writing ("if you could choose three songs for your character, what would they be and why?" kind of questions) for members to answer. We will soon be having a challenge where members will create a soundtrack for their story/character they're writing/writing about and post it for others to see in celebration of the one year anniversery that is coming up.


Good luck finding a writing penpal!