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Part one: basics

Name/penname/pseudonym:  Madison (but I prefer Maddy =)
Email: Ask and I will give
Age: Currently 15
Location: VA
Genre:  I love good fantasy, romance, action... I like reading about witches, fae, vampires, werewolves, and other mysical creatures!!
Prose/Poetry:  Not really a poetry kind of girl....
Fanfiction/Original: I like to read but not write fanfiction
How long I’ve been writing: Since I was about 11.... not saying I was very good then
Published/unpublished: Currently unpublished

Part two: what kind of writing partner do I want?
How long it will take me to reply:  Very soon, from 2 to 3 days
Length of pieces I’ll read, and have the time to critique: Any length... anytime
The kind of fiction I prefer to read: Pretty much any kind... I'm not picky...
The kind of fiction I will not read: I am not fond of historical fiction
The number of poems I prefer to read at once:  None...
Skill level I wish my writing partner to have: All different types
Other: I am revising my first novel in hope to publish soon, and I am lloking for critizing on my own writing and hope to help others with theres!!

a) Looking for penpal partners
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