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Part One: Basics

Name/Penname/Pseudonym: Iulia, usually known as Jules
Email: bloodonmoral [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk
Age: 23
Location: Romania
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Erotica, Short Stories
Prose/Poetry: Poetry seldom crosses my path, but it does
Fanfiction/Original: Both
How long I’ve been writing: Since I was 10, unofficialy :-). For "real", let's say 6-7 years.
Published/Unpublished: Unpublished, sadly enough

Part Two: What kind of writing partner do I want?

How long it will take me to reply: One to two weeks
Length of pieces I’ll read, and have the time to critique (i.e. No more than ten pages at a time): 10-20 pages/one time
The kind of fiction I prefer to read: Same as that I prefer to write, to which I can easily add Chick Lit and Biographical/Memoirs
The kind of fiction I will not read: Heavy Sci-Fi, Porn
The number of poems I prefer to read at once: 5-10
Skill level I wish my writing partner to have (i.e. I’m a new writer, and would prefer my writing partner to be new, too): It doesn't really matter
Other: -


a) Actively looking for a writing partner/penpal
b) Has nothing to send at the moment, but willing to provide concrit to a penpal
c) Not looking for a writing partner/penpal at this time
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