Fianna (fbo66) wrote in story_swap,

Part one: basics
Name/penname/pseudonym: Fianna
I’ll let you know it.
Age: 17
Location: UK
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Young-adult.
Prose/Poetry: Prose
Fanfiction/Original: I write both (mostly original, but I also write fanfiction for the Harry Potter fandom)
How long I’ve been writing: About 2/3 years
Published/unpublished: Unpublished

Part two: what kind of writing partner do I want?
How long it will take me to reply: Depends on what’s going on, but no longer than a week.
Length of pieces I’ll read, and have the time to critique: Let’s say no more than 10-15 pages at a time.
The kind of fiction I prefer to read: Romance, humour, fantasy, fanfiction, anguish, real-life.
The kind of fiction I will not read: I don't particularly like extreme horror.
The number of poems I prefer to read at once: As many as you like, although poetry is not my thing so I don’t think I’ll be able to help with the mechanics of it. I never really got rhyme schemes.   
Skill level I wish my writing partner to have: I’m a new writer, and would prefer my writing partner to be new, too.

Actively looking for a writing partner/penpal


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